The schedule will be as follows:

Friday – 17:00 – 21:00

Introduction, The GSJ 2016 Challenge Announcement, a bit of Brainstorming & Team Creation  

We will open the doors at 17:00, so you have an hour to flock in. At 18:00 we’ll present the schedule and what you can expect of the next 2,5 days. At 18:30 this year’s challenge will be announced and we jump into a group brainstorming session. Teams will be formed based on the ideas that come up.

Saturday – 09:00 – 20:00

Research, Synthesis, Ideation & Prototyping

A day packed with energy, work and fun! We’ll start with a breakfast and a presentation on research tips. After this short session we’ll get out into the field for some research. This research will form the basis of the rest of the day which will be filled with reframing, synthesising of findings, ideating and prototyping. We’ll book in time slots for each team with expert mentors who will guide you through the creation process.

Sunday – 09:00 – 18:00 

Prototyping, Iterating, User Testing & Presentations

Iterate until you can’t iterate no more! You’ll be changing and fixing your prototype based on your mentor feedback and the user validation from your tests. The shape and design of your final concept will become clearer and clearer. The challenge here is to make your prototype as real as possible in a limited period of time. We’ll upload the presentations after lunch around 15:00 and share back the concepts to the group. After this it’s time for a well-deserved party!

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